Highly Professional Security Guard Services

At knight watch we will advise you on all aspects of your business security and the risks your business faces. One of the most important factors when considering your business security is ensuring that all your security measures are taken care of by a professional local security company.

Being able to have physical security measures in place are the very backbone  of any business security, We can offer  businesses the use of professional security guarding service. For smaller businesses, we recommend sharing such service with neighboring companies.

The key to protecting your business property and its contents is to get the right level of security for your business. We can provide reliable professional security guards for short and long term.

All of our Security Guards are what you'd expect them to be; presentable, honest, reliable and disciplined. They've also been CRB vetted, are SIA licensed.

Our Security Guards will carry out the following tasks as standard:
  • Log their regular night time security patrols including all observations and actions taken, reporting these to management in the morning;
  • Act to deter vandalism and theft by challenging and addressing all suspicious situations;
  • Alert the appropriate emergency service in the event of an incident;
  • Search all vehicles and log findings as required;
  • Assist with the enforcement of a sites' health and safety policies.

Security manned guarding services that meet your unique needs

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